April 25, 2013

Fake Virgins

Through the ages, virginity has been prized among religions and cultures, among peoples and nations, among countries and races.

Across these cultures marrying a virgin bride has always been a measure of prestige to all parties involved in the deal:

To the virgin girl for remaining chaste and pure and, thereby her dignity is preserved.
To the husband for his ego and that of his family is retained.
And to the family of the virgin bride who have retained their respect for preserving their daughter well.

Among the Zulu people of Kwazulu Natal Province in South Africa parents ensure that their daughters remain virgins until the day of their wedding.

This is because according to Zulu culture a virginity test must be carried out on intending brides, virgins fetch a much higher bride price for the family and a measure of respect from the community. Non-virgins get a much lower bride price and are shamed by the community.

In Middle-Eastern and other Asian communities’ girls pay a much higher price for losing their virginity before their wedding day. Many of the Christian, Muslim and even Hindu communities demand that girls must still be virgins at the night of the wedding. If they are found otherwise they risk being ostracized by the community-or even murdered.

Some girls are known to have committed suicide because they were not virgins.

Old norms and traditions still rule among these Asian communities and families are still implacable in their demand for the customary blood stain on the white bed sheet, tight vaginas and many even now demand for Medical Certificates of Virginity from reputable hospitals. For them any prospective bride must be a virgin.

But the problem is this:Most girls and women out there who are yet unmarried are no longer virgins. Many have been dis-virgined as a result of myriads of reasons too numerous to mention here.

But in the eyes of the people of their communities and even their families they are still virgins, and most of these ‘virgins’ are determined to keep it that way, unless of course they want to be ostracized or killed.

Many do something about it by committing suicide or by running away from their communities.

But for most the strings attached to their people are too strong to be detached and so they sit tight forlorn and miserable waiting and hoping for a miracle.

But help might be on the way.

Science to the Rescue
In Europe where Muslim girls are more emancipated but still live under rigid codes of family honor and tradition, science has come to the rescue.

Girls can now fake their virginity so that they may be accepted in the society and such ploys have saved many women from scorn and even worse.

For up to 2,500 Euros women can undergo a hymenoplasty surgery, a procedure in which hymens are repaired and making it tighter –in effect making them virgins again.

It is reported that the vagina is so tight that the woman actually feels like a real virgin..

For those who cannot afford the price of a surgical rejuvenation, there is a much cheaper alternative. The Artificial Virginity Hymen is available in shops and on the internet for as little as 20 Euros.

It is a pad placed inside the vagina just before a woman’s second ‘first time’, the pad expands to make the wearer feel tighter. During intercourse the pad will expel a small fluid with the look and consistence of blood.

All that the woman needs to do is to add a few ‘moans, groans and shouts of pain’ and she will pass as a virgin.

These attempts at being ‘virgins’ are reportedly so effective and have deceived so many men and families in Europe and Asia that Islamic clerics, religious conservatives etc are kicking against this deception.

It has outraged some people so much that the Governments of some Middle-Eastern countries are considering placing a ban on it. Some people even demand the death penalty to be imposed on possible offenders.

But who can blame these desperate damsels for trying to survive in a harsh world with harsh laws that seemed to be designed to put them in perpetual shackles of bondage.

After all if a society prevents it’s women from enjoying the most basic of human pleasures -sex- and compels them to suffer in silence, the only thing that is left for them to do is to enjoy these God given pleasures in secret without anyone knowing -except their partners- then come out openly and become fake virgins.