March 19, 2014

Man With Gun Tattoo Causes Scare

Michael Smith was asleep in his home when he heard noise outside at the frontyard. He came outside without his shirts to find the workers of a tree removal company preparing to cut trees around some power lines on his property.

He yelled at them to get-off his property and when he thought that they were leaving he went back inside to continue his sleep.

Minutes later he woke up to a different sound outside his property. The police were outside with assault rifles and hand guns calling on him with a bull horn to come out with his hands in the air.

He was confused and maybe fearful for his own safety.

The workers of the tree cutting company had called the police about a man who might be threatening them with a gun.

When Smith came out it turned out a mistake had been made about the "gun". He had a tattoo of a life-size hand gun on his body and was positioned in such a way that it appeared the barrel was tucked into the waist of his pants.

It all turned out to be a mistake and a misinterpretation, he was not arrested and no charges were brought against him.