March 19, 2014

Nations With Similar Flags

Contrary to what you might think, there are countries with very similar flags around the world. Some are strikingly identical while some have subtle differences. Below are examples:

  1.  The flags of Andorra, Chad, Romania and Moldova are almost identical except for subtle differences in the tint and for the fact that the flag of Andorra and Moldova have their Coat-of-arms on their flags.
2. The flags of Monaco and Indonesia are exactly identical except for slight differences in proportion.

3.The flags of Netherlands(Holland) and Luxembourg are almost similar except for a slight difference in the tint of blue.

4. Chad and Romania have strikingly similar flags except for a slight difference in the tint of blue.

5.The flags of Ireland and Ivory coast are exactly the same, except that they are vertically mirrored images of each other together with some subtle differences in shade and proportion.

The same thing also goes for the flags of Mali and Guinea.

6.Poland and Indonesia have horizontally mirrored flags. They are the same except that they are turned upside-down to each other.

7.The flags of Malaysia and Liberia is similar to that of the United States but the differences are as follows:

Malaysia has the Islamic Moon and Star instead of the fifty stars of the United States.

The flag of Liberia has just one star and the horizontal red stripes are six instead of seven for the U.S.A and Malaysia.

8.The flag of Albania is exactly the same with the flag of the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire).


The flags of most nations are basically a combination of colors, symbols, stripes and patterns that have connection with their collective heritage, history and vision. And most nation’s flags are rectangular in shape.      

 But there are some countries th
at deviates from the usual norm and have some unusual and unique traits attached to their design:

1.The flag of Nepal consist of two overlapping triangles. It is the only non-rectangular flag in the world as well as the only flag in the world that is taller than it is wide.
2.The only countries in the world whose flags are exact squares are Switzerland and the Vatican City.

3.Some flags depict the geographical shape of the area that they represent. Cyprus and Kosovo are the only countries that have such a flag.

4.Paraguay is the only country in the world that has different images on both sides of it’s flag. The obserse is different from the reverse.

5.Mozambique has the image of an AK-47 rifle on it’s flag. The only country in the world to have a modern fire arm on it’s flag.

6.Philippines is the only country in the world that hoists it’s flag upside down when it is in a state of war..

7.The flag of Libya under Muammar Ghadaffi was very simple, it had only one color which is green. The only flag of it’s type in the world.

It is no longer used by the country.