April 7, 2014

Interesting Facts About Road Traffic and Drivers

1. More than 80% of traffic in most cities and towns runs on just 10% of the roads.

2. A driver driving at 50 km/h sees an average 1,320 pieces of information every minute.

3. Extensive studies have shown that driving aggressively, which raise the risk of an accident and increases fuel consumption, saves just a minute on a 50 km trip.

4. New cars crash at a much higher rate than old cars.

5. More accidents happen on sunny, clear and dry days.

6. Drivers drive farther to oncoming cars on roads without centre-line markings and drive closer to oncoming cars on roads on roads with centre-line markings.

7. The fatalty risk in the backseat  of a car is 26% lower than in the front seat.

8. Men honk more frequently than women, both men and women honk more frequently at women than at men.

Drivers in convertibles without the tops are less likely to honk than drivers in vehicles that have tops.

Drivers generally honk faster at cars whose drivers are on cell phones..

9. Drivers search for something in their car an average of 10.8 times per hour, the average driver looks away from the road for .06 seconds in every 3.4 seconds.

10. The more stop signs on a road, the more likely drivers are to violate them.

11. Car drivers unconciously drive closer to helmeted cyclists, they also drive farther from cyclists who appear to be women.

12. Over 90% of car drivers admit to singing behind the wheel at one time or the other.

13. The longest traffic jam in the world was between Paris and Lyon on the French Autoroute in 1980. It was more than 170 km long.

14. The longest-lasting traffic jam in the world happened in Beijing in 2010. Vehicles and drivers were trapped in a 100 km long line for over 12 days.

15. 53% of car owners wash their cars only once in a month, 16% leave their car unwashed for more than a month.

16. The most expensive interstate highway (cost per mile) ever built is Oahu Highway road H-3 (in Japan).

It costs over $1.3 billion or approximately $80 million per mile.

17.  The average person spends two weeks of their entire lives waiting at traffic red lights.

18.  Airbags in cars kill 1 person for every 22 lives that they save.

19.  One out of every four cars produced in the world comes from China.

20.  Playing "Grand Theft Auto" video game contributes to reckless and dangerous driving in real life.

21.  Drivers make an average of 15 decisions per kilometer of driving.

22.  Most cars spend 95% of their life time parked.

23.  A high percentage of car fatalities result from single cars running off the road.

24. People driving alone generally drive more aggressively than people driving with passengers.

25.  Drivers take a longer time to leave a parking space when some else one is waiting.

26.  Almost 90% of drivers think they are better than the average driver.

27.  When using your cell phone while also driving, your likelihood of being involved in an accident is increased by 400%