April 10, 2014

Thought-Provoking Facts About Suicide

1. The word "suicide" is derived from these two Latin words, "sui"(of oneself) and "cidium"(killing or slaying).

2. China accounts for most suicide deaths around the world with between 250,000 to 300,000 suicides per year. That is about a quarter of all suicide deaths.

3. Many famous and notable people in history actually commited suicide they include: Sigmund Freud, Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, Dennis Brutus, Hannibal, Adolf Hitler, Ernest Hemmingway, Vincent Van Gogh, Rudolf Hess, Pontius Pilate, Socrates e.t.c.

4. Across the world an estimated 2,000 people commit suicide everyday.

5. French philosopher Albert Camus made a famous quotation about suicide when he said, "What is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying".

6. There is a common perception that suicide is more common among the young, but the truth is that the elderly have the highest suicide rates.

7. Some evidence suggest that suicide attempts by women during the first week of menstrual cycle may be associated with low oestrogen levels.

8. Among the Hindus, a Hindu wife is expected to throw herself on her husband's burning body on the funeral pyre so that she can enter the next life with him. This practice was abolished by British in India in 1829. But it still persists till today in some places.

9. The Japanese practice "Seppuku"(stomach cutting),a ritual suicide practiced by warriors who were about to get captured. The warrior would cut open his own abdomen and stretch out his own neck and then one of his own comrades would cut-off his head in one stroke.

This practice has persisted till today despite attempts to stop it.

10. The Greek philosopher Hegesias (320-280 B.C) gave lectures which prompted so many listeners to commit suicide that he was forbidden from public speaking. He is also known as the "Death Persuader".

11. The Bible does not specifically prohibit suicide and there is no particular reference to it inside the Bible, but Christians generally condemn the practice as stated by St. Augustine. In A.D 563 suicide was officially condemned by the Council of Braga.

12. In Islam, the Quaran actually forbids suicide refering to it as the gravest sin, even more serious than homicide. But killing oneself as an act of Jihad(Holy War) is not considered suicide.

13. The only acceptable method of suicide in the Mayan culture was by hanging and everybody who commited suicide this way was guaranteed a place in the afterlife.

14. The most common method of suicide world wide is by hanging.

15. Women attempt suicide three times more often than men, but men complete suicides three times more often than women.

16. Research have found that people with low serotinin levels in their brains are six to ten times more likely to commit suicide than people with normal levels.

17. Prolonged exposure to very low-frequency electromagnetic fields such as those emitted by large powerlines may increase the risk of suicide by as high as 100%.

18. No suicides have been reported in the several small South Sea islands and the Hindu Kush Mountains of India.

19. The world's highest female suicide rates is among the Fijian Indians.

20. The number one spot for suicides in the world is the famous Golden Gate Bridge. More than 1,200 people have jumped to their deaths on that bridge. Others are Beachy Head in England and Aokigahara Forest in Japan.

21. The greater the elevation of a person's home, the higher the risk of suicide.

22. Two out of every three people who commit suicide are depressed at the time they took their life.

23. Only 1 out of every 25 suicide attempts actually resukts in deaths.

24. Japanese police often declare murders they cannot solve as suicides in order to save face and also to keep crime statistics artificially low.

25. One suicide victim who died by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge left a note saying, "I am going to walk to the bridge. If one person smiles at me on the way, I will not jump".
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