May 15, 2014

Interesting Facts About Alcohol

1. Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, drank whiskey everyday because he thought it would make him live to 150 years.
Nikola Tesla
2. Bees who get drunk from fermented necter have more flying accidents than sober ones. And when they are in their hive they can be punished by other bees by chewing-off their legs.

3. Alcohol is considered a performance enhancing drug in professional shooting. This is because it can slow down the heart beat giving shooters an edge.

4. A very high percentage of East Asians (40%) lack the necessary enzymes to properly metabolise alcohol.

5. Intelligent people generally drink more alcohol.

6. In 2007 a 37-year old man in Glasgow, Scotland drank 60 pints of alcohol (about 35 litres) over a four day period, he had a hangover that lasted for the next 4 weeks. The longest hangover in recorded history.

7. About 25 - 30% of alcohol consumers are resistant to hangover symptoms.

8. During the infamous Prohibition perion, the United States Government poisoned alcohol killing up to 10,000 people across the country.
Alcohol Bottles
9. Among the top five opponents to marijuana legalisation are alcohol and beer companies.

10. Blue-eyed people have a much higher alcohol tolerance level than other people. This means that they are much more likely to be drunks.

11. The poorest country in Europe is Moldova. It consumes more alcohol per capita than any other place in the world.

12. The late wrestler Andre the Giant (Andre Roussimoff) broke the world record for alcohol consumption. He drank about 73 litres (16 gallons) of alcohol in one sitting.
Andre the Giant
13. Fructose can speed alcohol metabolism by as much as 80%.

14.  Pine Ridge, Nebraska has a total population of just 14 people and only 4 liquor stores. But in 2010 alone liquor sales totalled 4.9 million cans of bear.

Why? Find out yourself.

15. People who use their left limbs often drink more alcohol than people who use their right limbs.

16. Gilbert Paul Jordan was a serial killer in Canada who used alcohol to kill all of his victims.
Gilbert Paul Jordan
17. It is a common belief that alcohol increases our body temperature, but the truth is that alcohol actually lowers the body temperature.

18. All fruits and most vegetables contain alcohol in them.
Fruits and Vegetables
19. The age of Brandy, Rum or Whisky can either be too long or not long enough.

20. The human body produces alcohol naturally.

21. Abnormal cravings for alcohol is called Dipsomania.
22. The largest concentration of alcohol is in outer space in the form of a massive mega-cloud which contains about Four Hundred Trillion-Trillion litres of alcohol.

But it would take about 10,000 light years to get there!
Space Alcohol
23. All spirits (minus beer and wine) are actually colorless. But the aging process gives them the golden brown color and other colors.

24. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass.
Fear Factor
25. Women generally get drunk faster than men.

26. Women menstruating and women taking birth-control pill feel the effects of alcohol longer.

27. Auto-brewery Syndrome occurs when Candida Yeasts in the intestine produce so much alcohol that a person becomes drunk.