May 1, 2014

Simple Facts About Our Nose

1. Women generally have a stronger sense of smell than men.

2. The nose and sinuses produce about a litre of mucus every day which we swallow.

3. When we are sick, the production of mucus can increase to about two litres a day and this invariably affects our appetite.

4. Up to 80% of what you think is your sense of taste is actually your sense of smell at work.

5. Every person in the world has a distinct odor identity. This simply means that no two persons actually smells the same thing in exactly the same way.

6. We can actually smell other peoples feelings, for example we can smell a persons' happiness or sexual arousal as long as the person is a close romantic partner.

7. Good smells and scents can literally change our feelings from moody to happy and contented.

8. Pregnant women have a higher sense of smell, this may partly account for why they have strange food cravings during this period.

9. Men's nose can smell women's ovulation.