June 19, 2014

The Most Rugged and Toughest Smartphones in the World

Forget about smartphones having gorilla glass screens, most of these sleek babes cannot even withstand the weight of a real-life gorilla or even survive a simple drop from the table.

We bring to you the very few phones that can stand the real tough military tests and ensure that you have an absolute peace of mind:

1. Nautiz X1: Nautiz is a range of smartphones manufactured by the Swedish company Handheld Group which specialises in the manufacture of rugged computers and mobile phones.
Nautiz X1 Smartphone
The Nautiz X1 is the sleekiest in the range of Nautix X Series. It s a very rugged and strong mobile device and it comes in both Android and Windows Mobile version, but its internal specifications are just normal and basic.

It can withstand humidity, vibration, drops and extreme temperatures. It can conveniently survive drops from four feet.

It is fully water-proof and impervious to dust and sand.


1Ghz Processor


And it comes with a hefty price tag of about $1,000.

2. CAT B15: CAT is known and respected for the production of rugged equipment for the construction sector and as we know civil and construction engineers also use smartphones, just like everyone else.

Little wonder why they made a phone with that audience in mind.
Rugged CAT B15 Smartphone
It is dust-proof and water-proof (up to 1 Metre for 30 minutes).

Drop-to-concrete resistance from up to 1.8 Metres in height.

It can withstand salt, vibration, solar radiation, thermal shock etc.

512mb of RAM and 4gb internal memory are one of the drawbacks of this tough phone.

The screen can be operated while it is still wet.

The conclusion is that this phone can conveniently survive some heavy and serious punch. And the price tag is just about $350.

You can get it HERE!

3. CASIO G'One Commando 4G LTE: This tough smartphone is made for tough and rugged conditions, like a commando, can even be operated through gloves and comes with two very loud front-facing speakers.
Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE
It comes with 4G LTE connectivity for lightning fast internet access.

The price tag is just around $500. You can get the phone HERE!

4. Kyocera Torque: Another rugged smart phone that can withstand extreme heat, shock, vibration and it is very resistant to dust and water damage.
Kyocera Torque
It comes in various models with the most advanced currently being a 1.2Ghz dual-core CPU, 5MP Camera and 4G LTE connection capability.

The price tag is just below $500. You can get it HERE!

5. Runbo X6: Just like it's name suggests this phone is tough enough to withstand some tough conditions. It comes with an MTK processor, 12mp Camera and a 4,200 mAH battery.

Runbo X6 Smartphone
6. Tag Heuer Sub Nano: We all know that Tag Heuer is a luxury brand but it is surprising to see them making mobile phones.

This particular model has a special liquid-repelling coating and is shock-resistant. It comes with a 1Ghz processor and a 5mp camera.
Tag Heuer Sub Nano
This phone is actually a beauty to behold and only very limited quantity was made.

7. Durrocomm Conquest: This is another phone that comes with rugged cabalities and it comes with an internal silicon cushion between the inner and outer casings for durability.
Durrocom Conquest
The touchscreen can work and function perfectly even when it is wet.

Price tag is about $600 and you can get it HERE!

The Toughest and Most Rugged Laptops In The World