June 19, 2014

The Toughest and Most Rugged Laptops in the World

They are built to last, to survive tough conditions and perform. With these devices the ever present fear of damaging your laptop by accidentally dropping them will permanently go away.

Most of them were originally designed to be used by the various arms of the military but they have eventually been modified for civilian purposes, especially those people who need to operate laptops in rugged conditions.

Sit back as you read about the toughest and ruggedest laptops in the world.

1. Lenovo Thinkpad X131e: This beast has a battery life of about 8 hours which means you can use it outdoors for extended periods.

It has a reinforced design and stainless steel hinges.
Lenovo Thinkpad
It has a rubber padded HDD enclosure and this laptop can survive high temperature, shock, humidity, extreme vibration, low pressure (up to 15,000 feet) and dust.
It is built to last.

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2.Getac B300: This particular laptop is designed and engineered to be used in extremely dangerous areas with hazardous particles without any fear of damage to the system or the body.
Getac B300 
The whole laptop is encased in a magnesium alloy covering which makes it both water-proof and gives full protection from external shock.

And it does not fall back on specifications: Intel Core i7, 2.0Ghz Processor, 2Gb to 8Gb RAM, 250Gb to 500Gb of HDD and the battery can last up to 11 hours at a single stretch.

You even have an option for a second battery to double the usage time.

But beast does not come cheap. Price tag is about $3,500.

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3. Panasonic Toughbook 31: You can mistakenly step on this laptop or even drop it on the floor without any problem. This is because the Panasonic Toughbook 31 can withstand some of the toughest environmental conditions in the world including blowing rain and 110 km/hr winds.
Panasonic Toughbook
It also comes with an Intel Core i5 processor with very impressive specifications, pressure sensitive touchpad, backlit keyboard and even a stylus.

You will fall in love with this tough baby. And it doesn't come cheap, price tag is just over $3,000.

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4. General Dynamics GD8000: This rugged laptop is surprisingly light for it's toughness.

Here are many if the pros: Intergrated fingerprint reader, Removable harddrive, TPM 1.2 Network Security Standard and a Security Lock slot.
General Dynamics GD8000
Some of it's surprising cons are as follows: The harddrive is 160Gb and it uses complex and large files.

But when it comes to ruggedness, its a wonderful option.

5. Dell Latitude E6400 XFR: When it comes to rugged protection this laptop is an excellent option, it is even backed and supported by the United States Department of Defence.

It can fully and conveniently withstand the force of pressurised water and has real military ballistic armour protection which means that it can survive the impact of some bullets.
Dell Latitude
It also has a webcam that produces clear and accurate images and the laptop is 15 percent lighter than other comparable devices.

One of the major drawbacks is the battery which lasts for only about 3 hours although it has a 12-cell battery option which will cost you more, unfortunately.

But this rugged device is actually designed to be used at the war front where it will survive most of the toughness of battle.

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