June 1, 2014

Wonderful Facts About Cats

1. Cats spend an average of two-third of everyday sleeping which means that a 9-year-old cat has been awake for just 3 years of it's life.
Sleeping Cat
2. Male cats are often left-pawed while female cats are mostly right-pawed.

3. During the Middle Ages in Europe, the Clergy associated cats with witchcraft and cats seriously suffered as a result. On St. John's Day, people would put cats in bags and throw them into bonfires. People celebrated some holy days by tossing cats from towers.

4. A cat can easily jump up to five times its height in a single bound.
Cat Jump
5. Cats can generally survive high falls of over 65 feet high due to their "righting reflex". The balance organs in it's inner ear and the eyes can tell it exactly where it is in space and the cat will land on it's feet.
Falling Cat
Even cats without tails have this remarkable ability.

6. The Siberian Tiger is the biggest wild cat alive today. It can weight up to 317 kg and more than 12 feet long.
Siberian Tiger
7. The Black-footed cat is the smallest cat today. They can be less than 20 inches long and weight about 1.2 kg.
Black Footed Cat
8. Most cats furs do not insulate well when well, that is why they hate water, however the coat of the Turkish Van has a coating that is water-resistant. So this is one of the few cat species that actually love to swim.
Turkish Van Swimming
9. Cats generally spit, purr and hiss at other cats, they seldom or never meow at other cats. Cats meow mostly at humans.
Cat Claws
10. All cats sheath their claws when they are at rest, except the Cheetah.

11. A cat can independently rotate it's ears 180 degrees.

12. A cat can live up to 20 years. Creme Puff, from Austin, Texas is the oldest cat on record, 38 years.

13. A cat can squeeze through openings the size of it's head, this is because they have no collar bones.
Cat Nose Patterns
14. The nose of a cat has unique patterns for identification, just like a human fingerprint.
Cat Paws
15. Just like dogs, cats only sweat through their paws.
Cat Grooming
16. Cats spend a third of their waking hours cleaning themselves.

17. Cats have Ultra-Sonic senses which makes them able to detect tiny vibrations. They can even detect earthquake vibrations 10 to 15 minutes before humans can.

18. The claws on the back paws of a cat don't retract, only the claws on the front paws retract.

19. Cats cannot taste sweet things, their taste buds cannot detect sugar.

20. Cats can make up to 100 vocal sounds, dogs can only make about 10.

21. Cats are actually intolerant to Lactose, which is contained in milk.
Black Cats
22. Black cats are regarded as bad luck in the United States, but in the U.K and Australia black cats are regarded as good luck.

23. Cats kidney can filter out salt and use the water content to hydrate their bodies. This means they can conveniently drink sea water.

24. Kittens sleep so much because growth hormones are released only when they are sleeping.

25. The more you talk to your cat, the more it will talk to you.

26. If you give your cat dog food, it could cause blindness.
Cat Pooing
27. Cats can be trained to use the toilet when they need to, and some can even be trained to flush when they are done.

28. A cat may give birth to several kittens at once and each of the kittens in her litter may have a different father.

29. Cats can see six times better than humans in the dark.

30. Cats step with both left legs, and both right legs when they walk or run.

31. A cat can recognise it's owners footsteps from hundreds of feet away.

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