July 10, 2014

Facts You Did Not Know About Brazil

1. The word "Brazil" is derived from "Pau Brasil" (Brazilwood) a tree that was once abundant across the coast and was used to produce a deep, red dye. Brasil means "red like an ember"

2. Brazil has the longest continous coastline in the world, about 7,491 km long.

3. Brazil is the fifth largest country by land mass in the world, it is the largest country in South America and the entire Latin America region. It  is 8.45 million sq. Km.

4. It is the largest Portuguese-speaking (Lusophone) country in the world and the only Portuguese -speaking country in the Americas.

5. Over 60% of the Amazon, the worlds' largest river lies within Brazil.
6. 60% of the Amazon rainforest,the worlds largest rainforest, lies within Brazil.
Amazon Rainforest
7. 73% of Brazilians are Catholics and it has the largest population of Catholics in the world.

8. About 3.5 million slaves actually survived the crossing from Africa to Brazil over a period of about 300 years (1500's to 1800's) and their descendants still live in Brasil till today.

9. Football was brought to Brazil (Sao Paolo) by a young Brazilian-born Englishman, Charles Miller around the turn of the 20th century.

10. Brazil has the second highest number of airports in the world, about 4,000. It is second only to the U.S.A.

11. Brazil has the fifth largest population in the world at over 200 million people.

12. Brasilia, the capital, looks like an aeroplane from above.
Brasila, Aerial View
13. The most popular surname in Brasil is Silva.

14. More than 2 million people in Brazil are of Japanese descent.

15. Salvador, in Brazil, is the biggest African city outside of Africa. About 82% of it's 3 million strong population traces their ancestory back to the black slaves from Africa.

16. Brazil is the only country to have won the FIFA World cup five times and the only country to have qualified for every World Cup editions.

17. Brazil has the third largest road network in the world.

18. It also has the second largest christian population in the world.

19. The country is 100% energy dependent. It acheived this wonderful feat in 2006.

20. The Monumental Axis is the widest road in the world. It can hold 160 cars side-by-side.
Monumental Axis
21. In 1967 during the Biafran War a 48-hour ceasefire was declared in Nigeria between the Federal troops and Biafran seccessionists so that they could watch the Brazilian football legend, Pele, play on a visit to Nigeria.
22. Prostitution is legal in Brazil.