July 12, 2014

Very Interesting Facts About Germany

1. Germany is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

2. One third of Germany is covered with forests and woodlands.

3. The Christmas Tree that we know so well today originated in Germany.

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4. Saturday is part of the working week in Germany.

5. In Bavaria, Beer is officially considered a food.

6. Germany ranks second in world beer consumption.

7. The Oktoberfest takes place in Munich every September. It is the largest beer festival in the world. The size of the beer glasses during the festival is 1 litre.
8. There are more football clubs in Germany than in any country in the world.

9. Most taxis in Germany are Mercedes.
German Taxis, Mercedes
10. In Germany, denial of the Nazi Holocaust is a crime.

11. The German language is not spoken in Germany alone. German is also the official language of Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein.

German is also spoken in Northern Italy and the French province of Alsace and Lorraine.

12. The first printed book in the West was printed in German. It was the Gutenberg Bible.
Gutenberg Bible
13. Berlin has the largest train station in Europe.

14. The tallest cathedral in the world is the Cathedral of Ulm Munster in Germany.
Cathedral of Ulm
15. Germany has the largest number of zoo's in the world, more than 400.

16. Berlin, the capital of Germany is 9 times bigger than Paris, the capital of France.

17. Germany has Europe's largest economy. It is both the industrial and economic heartbeat of Europe.

18. The most popular surname in Germany is Muller.

19. The German language has 35 dialects.

20. There are no speed limits on 65% of the Autobahn (highway) in Germany.

21. German is the third most widely taught language in the world.

22. The official uniform for the Nazi Party and the Hitler Youth during World War 2 was designed by the great designer Hugo Boss.

23. Germany alone has more than 150 castles some of which are still inhabited by Aristocratic families, others have been converted to hotels and museums while others have been abandoned and lay in ruins.

24. Albert Einstein, the most recognised scientist in the world, was a German Jew born in Ulm, Germany.
Albert Einstein
25. Adidas was founded by Adolf "Adi" Dassler, a German from Bavaria while Puma was founded by Rudolph Dassler, his brother.
26. Notable German inventors are: Johanes Gutenberg (Printing Press), Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (X-ray), etc.

27. Famous German composers includes: Beethoven, Schuman, Bach, Wagner, Strauss, Handel etc.

28. Famous German philosophers includes: Nietzche, Karl Marx, Kant, Hegel etc.

29. Bayern Munich is the most successful football club in Germany.

30. 10% of Bayern Munich's shares is owned by Adidas.

31. There are more football fans club in Germany than in any country in the world.

32. Germany recycles 48% of all wastes produced within the country.

33. The world's first airline was founded in Germany in November 1909. It is now known today as Lufthansa.

34. Levi Strauss, a German Jew invented the Jeans.

35. The Weihenstphaner is the oldest brewery in operation in the world. It has been operating since 1040.

36. There are over 300 different kinds of bread in Germany.

37. There are more than 1,500 different beer brands in Germany alone.

38. Spreuerhofstrasse is the world's narrowest street. It is just 31cm wide at it's narrowest point and is located in Reutlingen, Germany.
39. There is a museum in Germany dedicated to bread.

40. More than 100 Germans have won the Nobel Prize.

41. Germans don't answer the phone with "hello", they answer the phone with their surnames. If you live in Germany you have to get used to this.