September 22, 2014

Amazing Pictures of Phone Masts Disguised To Look Like Something Else

Mobile phones and their networks have become something we are now used to having, some people even think its a basic right to have a mobile phone.

This ubiquity means that mobile phone companies must erect their masts all around us in order to ensure that there is strong and adequate network coverage for everyone.

The problem is that some people complain that these masts have become eyesore that destroys the landscape of their otherwise beautiful environment. Some have gone as far as obtaining court orders against the erection of such masts in their localities.

Some very brilliant and resourceful engineers have attempted to solve this problem by erection such masts such that they blend into the lands scape and people don't even notice.

The following are pictures of some of these masts and towers.

Mobile Phone/Church Bell Tower in LaVista, New England. 

Mobile Phone mast like a tree.

Mobile Phone tower disguised as a palm tree.

Mobile Phone towers disguised as Cactus in Tucson, Arizona.

Mobile Phone mast disguised like a Church Cross in Lake Worth, Florida.

Mobile Phone tower made to look like a tree.

Mobile Phone antenna concealed to look like brick exterior of a house in Sopot, Poland.

Look exactly like Palm Trees.

Mobile Phone Cactus mast in Tucson, Arizona.

Looks like a Fir Tree in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. 

Mobile mast/Church Bell Tower: Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Dallas, Texas. 

Mobile Phone tower flagpole, College Station, Texas.

Another one made to look like a Palm Tree.

Made to look like a Super Tree 

Constructing a Mobile Phone tower Cactus in Arizona.