September 13, 2014

Embarassing Situations That Can Happen To Any One.

All of us have, one time or the other, found ourselves in particularly embarassing situations. Here are examples of some that could happen to almost anyone:

The Wave

You are sitting down alone or walking on the road. Then someone waves at you, and you are momentarily confused.

Do you know them? Maybe, because they are looking straight at you.

Then you decide to wave back, and they look very confused.

Then you realise that they were waving at the person behind you.

Sick with embarassment, you desperately look for somewhere to crawl and hide.

Tripping Over Nothing
You are walking on the road minding your own business and hoping that no one notices you when, suddenly, you trip over nothing or on a small object.

You barely catch your balance or you are left sprawling, lying flat on the ground.

Suddenly every single person within a hundred miles is staring at you and you are left wishing how sweet it could be to magically disappear from that very embarassing situation.

The Angry Text
Your friend, Vivian, did something to you that left you terribly angry, so  you decided to text another friend, Paul, about it.

So you compose a text and send it to Paul. But no, you mistakenly sent the text to Vivian instead.

The Enclosed Space
You are in an enclosed space(probably an elevator, a cubicle, a car or wherever) with a very dashingly attractive lady(or the other way round).

Then you decided to relieve the pressure in your stomach by releasing some gas.

It was silent but the smell was horrid leaving even you breathless. He/she knows its you and for you it is the longest and most embarassing journey of your entire life.

The Sex Scene
You are in the sitting room and you are with your parents. The whole family is watching an interesting movie when suddenly the scene changes and you were left petrified.

It is a sex scene!

You look around but the remote control is nowhere. What do you do? Do you leave the room or you wished that the TV would just magically turn-off.

The Body Odour
You are sitting alone in a public place enjoying the moment when, suddenly, you smell something rancid.

You know that smell, its the smell of someone with a terrible body odour. So you look around to see who the person might be but there is nobody closeby.

And then you realise that the smell is coming from your armpit, you forgot to apply the deodorant this morning and now you armpit is smelling like a three-week old dead body.

From that moment on you will have to move around with a heavy self-consciousness, with your arms by your side and an almost audible prayer that no one should notice the smell.

The Stubborn Door
You walk up to a public door and you pull. But nothing happens.

You pull again, but still no response.

Then you begin to wonder why they are closed at 2 pm. You pull again, this time harder, then you look closely at the door and realise it is a push-door.

You surreptitiously glance around, as you push the door to enter, to see if any body noticed your little embarassing ignorance.

The Favourite Song

You are inside a car and suddenly your favourite song is playing on the radio. You turn up the volume and then you begin to sing loudly, the song is so into you that you sing even louder.

You look back and realise that everyone in the car is staring at you, your little performance has become an attraction for every one, even the little baby.

You are so embarassed that the song suddenly stuck in your throat.

The Spilled Drink
You are sitting down in the public comfortable and having a drink when someone bumps your arm.

The drink spills on your crotch creating a very embarassing stain. No one will believe that you did not wet yourself.

A good day suddenly turns bad.

The Facebook Status
You are trying to check on someone (for whatever reason), you type their name in the search bar and you press enter.

But there are no results.

You suddenly realise, with horror, that you just typed in your status bar!

Your Facebook status is now the name of that person you are secretly creeping on. And now the whole world can see it, including him.

Whats The Name?
You are somewhere and you are introduced to someone that is so important for you to impress (for whatever reason).

A few minutes later you met the person again but you have forgotten the name (without realising it) and you called Katherine, her name is Rachael.

You spend the rest of the day wondering why you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.