September 8, 2014

Last Known Pictures of Some Famous Dead People

Elvis Presley is pictured here driving into his Graceland home on August 16,1977. He was found dead just a few hours later.
Heath Ledger pictured on the set of the movie The Imaginarium of Dr Parnasus in January 2008. He died just a few days after this picture was taken and before he could complete the movie.
This picture of Amy Winehouse walking outside her home was taken on July 23, 2011 a week before she died of alcohol intoxication.
This is the last known picture of Albert Einstein taken in March 1955 taken at his home in Princeton, New Jersey just a month before he died.
Notorious BIG posing for a picture with Sean Combs on March 9,1997. Fifteen minutes after this photo was taken, BIG was shot and killed.
This photo of the Ultimate Warrior(right) was taken with a fan at New Orleans Airport on the morning of April 8,2014. He died later that same day, of a heart attack.
A picture of John F. Kennedy taken on November 22, 1963 moments before he was shot and killed.
Robert Kennedy was campaigning for President when he was shot and killed in June 1968. Here is a picture of him on a stretcher after the shooting.
Adolf Hitler is seen here outside his Berlin bunker inspecting bomb damage in April 1945. Two days later he allegedly shot himself inside the bunker.
Steve Irwin poses with friend Chris Jones on his boat two days before Irwin was killed by a Sting Ray in 2006.
Billionaire and Apple Inc. founder, Steve Jobs is helped into a car outside his home in California. Several weeks before his death in 2011.
Jimi Hendrix poses with "Black Betty" his guitar on September 17,1970. He died the next day. This is his last known photograph.
John Lennon giving an autograph to Mark David Chapman(Right) on December 8,1980. Several hours later Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon
The last known photograph of professional wrestler Chris Benoit, taken by a mobile phone on June 22, 2007. By this time he had already killed his wife, the next day he killed his son and then himself.
Amelia Earhart was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1937 she attempted a circumnavigational flight across the globe and she disappeared forever. These photograph was taken just before the flight.
This picture of Tupac Shakur with Suge Knight was taken on the night of Sept. 7, 1996. A few hours later Tupac was shot multiple times. He died six days later.