September 22, 2014

Pictures of Queen Elizabeth With The Last 12 American Presidents

Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne on Feb.6 1952 and since then she has met all the U.S Presidents with the exception of Lyndon Johnson.

Below are pictures of her with the U.S Presidents she met through the decades.

Queen Elizabeth with former President Herbert Hoover on October 21,1957 in New York. This meeting took place more than 20 years after Herbert Hoover left the White House.

The then Princess Elizabeth with U.S President Harry S. Truman at the Canadian embassy in Washington Nov. 1 1951.

Queen Elizabeth with President Dwight D. Eisenhower at the White House on Oct. 20, 1957.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip host President John Kennedy and his wife at Buckingham Palace on June 5,1961.

Queen Elizabeth with President Richard Nixon at Buckinghamshire in 1970.

Queen Elizabeth dancing with President Gerald Ford during a State Dinner at the White House on July 17, 1976.

The Queen with President Jimmy Carter in Buckingham Palace May 1, 1977. President Carter refused to bow and instead opted for a kiss, and the Queen held a grudge against him for several years.

The Queen with President Ronald Reagan at San Francisco, 1983. 

Queen Elizabeth with President Goerge H.W Bush at the White House on May 15,1991. 

Queen Elizabeth with President Bill Clinton in June 1994.

Queen Elizabeth with President George W. Bush at Windsor Castle on June 15,2008.

Queen Elizabeth making a toast with President Barak Obama at Buckingham Palace on May 24,2011.