September 18, 2014

Sworn Virgins of Albania Who Live All Their Lives As Men.

In the European country of Albania there are women who live all of their lives as men. They have taken a vow of chastity (usually at an early age) and becomes Sworn Virgins or Burnesha.

This elevates her to the status of a man and such women usually cut their hairs, wear male clothings and could even change their names. Male gestures, swags and expressions are practiced until they become second nature. All these together with a vow of celibacy turns a "She" into a "He".

This step is usually necessary because of a society that generally maintains an oppressive rule over the female gender. Women are seen as properties of their husbands and the rights to vote, drive, conduct business, drink, smoke and even to swear were the exclusive preserves of men.

This means that a family without a partriach or a male heir is usually in danger of losing everything and so a female needs to come in and become the partriach.

With modernisation and civilisation this practice is increasingly becoming obsolete, but it is still practiced in not a few places...even till today.