September 10, 2014

Unusual and Amazing Animal Friendships

This cat and fox were spotted and photographed by fishermen on the shores of Lake Van in Turkey. No one knows much about their story except that they are a very playful pair.

Kasi and Tani were raised together and became good friends. However when the Cheetah became bigger he became more interested in the female Cheetahs nearby, but both dog and cheetah are still very good friends.
Anjana the Chimpanze became a surogate mother and caretaker for two White Tiger cubs who have become seperated from their mother.

This wild Maquee male monkey was seen taking excellent care of a deserted orange kitty cat at Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia.
Bonedigger the lion has been the best of friends with these Daschunds(four of them) ever since they were puppies and he a little cub.
This cat helped raise four hedgehogs when their mother died. The cat took them in and raised them as her own.
Tigers, Bears and Lions are ordinarily not friends in the wild but the trio of Baloo the Bear, Leo the Lion and Shere Khan the Tiger have been living as close friends ever since they were taken at a house by police during a drug raid in 2001.
Rosco, the blue tick hound, made a lasting friendship with Suryia, the Orangutang when both of them met at a reserve for endangered animals in South Carolina. They have since garnered World Wide attention including featuring in National Geographic and on Oprah Winfrey.
These Lion cubs were abandoned by their mother and they found another mother in this dog who cared for them and nurtured them.
This lamb was rejected by it's mother and some Australian dog breeders took in the spoted lamb. It was soon adopted by their Dalmatian, Zoe who probably thought it was a Dalmatian puppy.
Koko the Gorilla adopted several kittens during her lifetime and cared for them as a parent would. When her first kitten was killed by a car, Koko expressed her sadness by sign language.

Kate, the Great Dane adopted Pippin the Deer when she was a baby. When Pippin matured she moved into the forest to start a family of her own. But she still comes to visit Kate and her owner Isobel.