December 15, 2014

Facebook Ends Microsoft Bing Search Results

Social media giant Facebook has officially announced that it has stopped displaying results from Microsoft's Bing search engine on it's site.

Facebook says it will now focus on allowing users of Facebook to quickly find comments, posts and other information that other users post on the website.

"We are currently showing Facebook search results in Facebook because we are focused on helping people find what's been shared with them on Facebook," a Facebook spokesman said.

According to Facebook there are more than a billion search queries on the site everyday and more than a trillion posts have already been made on the site. The vast amount of information that users post and share on Facebook could eventually replace the need to search the web search engines for answers.

"...some of my site engineers remind me that we have more information than any search corpus out there," Mark Zuckeberg said on a conference call in July 2014.