December 14, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X Battery Explodes in Bedroom, Causes Fire

Hope Casserly, an Ontario University student will never forget the night of October 22, 2014 in a hurry when she woke up to a sudden loud sound.

  "My back was to the phone (Galaxy Ace II x) and I saw a light going across my hit the wall and fell unto the bed,"she said.

She said her bed caught fire and she franctically put the fire out with her pillow.

"Afterwards I realised how severe the situation could have ended up and that frightened me quite a bit," She went on.

Samsung Investigates

The girl and her Dad contacted Samsung's Toronto office and was asked to send the phone. When they contacted Samsung a few weeks later, they were told that the phone had been sent to the Korean headquarters of Samsung so they could investigate what really happened.

Samsung however released a statement saying their investigation shows that the battery used in Miss Casserly's Samsung Ace II x was not an authourised Samsung battery.

They claimed to have provided her with a replacement phone and they also encouraged customers to only use genuine Samsung parts and accessories with all Samsung products.

Miss Casserly however maintains that she bought the phone from a Virgin Mobile shop and the battery came with the phone. "The phone was not even plugged and was not in use when it exploded," She said.

Phone Replaced By Samsung

Samsung actually sent Miss Casserly a brand new replacement phone and has agreed to pay for all furniture and clothings burnt in the incident.

But Miss Casserly says she is just too scared to use the replacement phone- she is very worried that the same thing could happen again.