December 15, 2014

Very Good Reasons To Buy An Android Phone Over an Iphone

We are aware of the constant war between Apple Iphone and Android devices and how opponents and proponents of each always try to strangle themselves.

Although each phone has it's advantages and disadvantages, let us take a closer look at the real world and try to be realistic for once:

1. Perfect Sync

We all know how useful services like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Calender can be to us and it is common knowledge that they sync better on Android devices than on Apple devices.
Also Android phones get the best features first in updates before Iphone users.

2. Replaceable Batteries

It is common knowledge that batteries degrade over time and with constant use, we know that most Android phones have easily replaceable batteries which you can change without stress.
But try and change an Iphone battery then feel free to come and narrate your ordeal.

3. Expandable Storage

A lot of Android phones have easily expandable storage in addition to the on board phone storage. This means that you can easily move around with your media and have unlimited fun and control, we even have devices expandable by up to 128Gb and more in addition with various cloud storage platforms and OTG capability.

Try and add a memory card or OTG capability to an Iphone and you will know the true meaning of 'Mission Impossible'

4. Launchers

You can easily customise your Android phone screen, feel and functionality with launchers. There are dozens of launchers to choose from.
Iphone peeps may not really know or understand how these works.

5. More Options

You have a lot more hard ware options to choose from when it comes to Android phones from 6 inch QHD screens to Curved displays and bended screens, the choice to choose is yours to make.

6. Cheaper Options

It is a well known fact that Iphones are expensive and there is little we can do about that for now but the fact remains that you can easily get some very good quality Android phones with high tech specifications for half the price of Iphones.

This is purely a matter of choice, but hey let's think about those millions of people without enough money for an Iphone but need the functionality and power of a high end device.

7. Easy Media and File Transfer

Have you ever heard that beautiful song that you have been searching for a long time suddenly play on your friend's phone or you will really like to have that video or file transfered from his phone to your phone right now.

With an Android device you absolutely have no problem, all you need to do is to put on your blue tooth or your flashshare.

But with an Iphone that simple process is much more complicated, just try it and see.