January 12, 2015

Useful Phone Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity

There are millions of Apps available for use on both the Android and iOS platforms and majority of Apps that people download are for pleasure ir leisure.

Below are some Apps that are available on both platforms, these Apps are extremely useful for business and office people and can boost your work productivity.

1. Evernote

This is a popular and very useful App, with Evernote you can store pictures, PDF documents, web pages, audio files and notes that you can easily access later on any other device.

It is a digital note book designed for the working class professional.

It has a powerful search functionality where you can search for specific files and document through tags.

It is available on Android and iOS and it's FREE.

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2. Quip

This App was created with the office workplace in mind. You can work on notes, documents and even spreadsheets together with office co-workers or team members/groups.

It even has a simple and effecient chat functionality embedded through which members of the group can communicate.

It is a very useful App. And it is available on both Android and iOS and it is FREE.

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3. Echosign

This App is designed by Adobe and it has only one major function, it let's you to easily put your signatures on e-documents without having to print them out first.

This speeds up the time required for processing business transaction and of course saves resources.

Available on Android and iOS and the price is FREE.

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4. Pocket

If you stumble on an article, webpage or even video and you are too busy at that period to read or view all you need to do is to save them on this App for future viewing.

You don't need an internet connection when viewing them on the App, except for the videos.
It is available on Android and iOS and the price is FREE.

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5. Invoice2go

This App allows you to make a customised e-invoice for your outfit which you can send swiftly after every transaction.
It speeds transactions and saves cost.

It is available on Android and iOS.

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6. Turboscan

With this App you can quickly turn your phones or devices into a scanner that can scan multiple pages of documents or reciepts which you can then convert to PDF or JPEG files for easy transfer.

It is available on Android and iOS and the price is about $4.

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